Here comes a short summary of a few my countries that I've visited. 


Mostly I have been traveling through Denmark to other countries in Europe though not during a certain Festival that takes place in Roskilde. For 4 day's there are so many bands playing that I have during my 5 visits keep an average of 2 complete conserts. The Roskilde festival suites ages from 10 - 65 , the atmosphere is great and the danish beer Tuborg or Carlsberg tastes exellent. See the link Roskilde festival


Went skiing twice in Trysil - great place but for the swede it's a bit expensive.


I've seen Helsingfors from iteher the cabin from Silja Line or Viking Line. On the boats I would recomend the Buffé also trying to beat the finish persons in the sauna.


My second home country Poland - Stettin. I great town to do nightclubing (1987 - 1995) here they did not have an age limit on the clubs so I saved my disco visits until I got here. The prices have changed during these years so a beer const approx 15 SEK and I haven't been going out on my last visit's year 2000. If you are in Poland you should try "Barst" a red hot drink based on beetroot.


I enjoyed my time here, I wanted to stay for at least 5 years or even move to this place. Amsterdam was my home town and it's hard not to enjoy it. See more about this by clicking the "Amsterdam" button.


I've been on a language trip to Haistings with STS in 1985. Superb place though the sandwiches where not that good. A short traditional trip to London was aranged with a visit to the palace and a cab trip.


First I've been an exchange student in Montana state 1986 - 1987. It was great in many way's, I got an excellent host family and I've never lived a country life before. Clyde Park was my home town and I got to know most of the 270 persons living there. Then I went on a backpack trip through the U.S starting in Seattle ending in New York.


All my visits to france have been skiing trips to Les Deux Alps , Charmonix , Val'Thorance, Argientiere and more. The wine the cheese .. do I need to say more. If you are planning to go skiing you should check this link UCPA . They are not the cheapes travelagency at start though everything is included in their trips so you will most likely end up the same at the end.


I have been in Toscana in one occasion and in general it was okay, the ice cream is super nice in the warm sun though the beaches where not that nice and I've got unlucky to be distrurbed by different salesmen.


Here was my country where I started to do windsurfing. There where sharp ref's to look out for otherwise this was a great country. We made the mistake going there under the dry seasson so the saffari was not that exiting.